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Fantasy Book Series

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Drogen: Birth of the Drakregus

“I did not come here to argue against your religious dogma, nor to answer to your so called gods. I have come to rescue Natalia from those who would do her harm. Whether they be the gods you love so much or those who foolishly claim to be her family.”

Drogen, Son of Lisana

As the gods began landing consecutive blows against Drogen’s parries, Balthazar came running from his hiding place, a massive war hammer held tightly in his hands. The war hammer was half as tall as he was, and upon it were engraved many thousands of runes, but one set stood out as being its namesake, “Unsterblich.”

“He-he-he! Look, Uther, another toy for us to play with.”

“I don’t like him, Ether. We ssshould dissspossse of him quickly and play with the other one. He’sss much more interesssting.”

“Right you are, Uther. Much more interesssting. I want to sssee what elssse he can do.”

“The other’s use of wind is nothing compared to ours.” Ether laughed

Balthazar swung his hammer down toward Ether’s skull, but as it fell, a gust of wind met his blow with stronger magnitude, sending Balthazar’s war hammer flying back over his head. Although he was able to keep hold of its shaft, he was thrown off-balance, forcing him to step back a few feet to compensate. Uther was there to meet his retreat, and a gust of wind hit him like a brick wall as Ether righted himself and used the same force, suspending Balthazar in midair.


Drogen ran to Balthazar’s aid but found himself being forced back by a massive gust that sent him reeling backward in position to see every last detail of what they were going to do to the one and only friend he had found comradery with during his time in Lundwurm Tul. The only father figure he’d ever known.

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Drogen: Gottdrak's Rise

With Ether and Uther dead and Zephyria free, an ominous darkness reaches out across the world. Sending Drogen and his friends into treacherous and dangerous unknowns that threaten to destroy them all without remorse. Grock’s march upon the other people who call Dranier their home testing them all in ways they never thought possible. Join Drogen, Seraphine, Natalia, and many more as they journey to uncover Grock’s plans, fighting back against him, and their inner turmoil. Leaving them all with a choice fight, or be overrun. While Drogen stands in the way of Grock’s bid for conquest will he be strong enough to overcome, or will he fall.

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Review Journals

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Realmwalkers Journal of Traveled Worlds

Your Personal Passport Book of Fantasy Worlds


For those wishing to record a remembrance of locations, friends, and foes from the worlds on which you've traveled.

Within these pages scribe the knowldege and memories, both mundane and salacious, obtained from realms unknown.

Keep it all in one convinient place that you may refer and relive each enticing local, friendship, and enemy.

Front Starseekers Universal Compendium.png
Starseekers Universal Compendium

Your Personal Passport and log of Alien Worlds


Record your trips through galaxies, stars, ports, and worlds

Retain within these pages your first hand accounts and gathered knowledge from among the stars.

Keeping every experience in one convenient location to relive and refer back in your otherworldly travels

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Perpetration, Suspicion, and Litigation

Your personal case files to 100 mysteries, murders, and malicious intent.


Keeping track of everyone and everything pertinent to your investigations in one convenient place.

Gathering all the evidence to find each unique cases smoking gun.

A continuation of this first of its kind set of review Journals with room for 100 reviews
(Printed in Full color)

  • (Starseekers Universal Compendium for those more inclined to science fiction)

  • (Realmwalkers Journal of Traveled Worlds for the Fantasy enthusiast)

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